Basketball Clinic Information (Grades K-1)

  • Open to boys and girls.
  • Season begins mid-November and runs through February.
  • Clinics are broken up by grade. Boys and girls play together.
  • Practices are at Christ the King.
  • Meet once a week for approx. 1 hour.
  • A CTK tee shirt will be provided for all clinic participants.
  • Volunteers are always appreciated... you can indicate interest when registering your child.
  • After registering, you should hear from your coach by the 1st week in November. Contact may be via phone or email, so be sure to check both.

Basketball Development League Information (Grades 2-3)

  • Open to boys and girls. If there's enough players, they will be split by grade and gender.
  • This league is designed specifically for 2nd-3rd graders in order to prepare them for participation the following year in full court 5-on-5 basketball.
  • There are 10 sessions of 75 min: 30 mins of age-appropriate basketball drills and 45 mins of controlled game play. Games will start with 3-on-3 and eventually graduate to 5-on-5. A coach will be on the court with the players, acting as a facilitator, guiding and instructing them as the game progresses.
  • There are no officials, and no score will be kept. This is an instructional process, enabling the players to make a smooth transition the following season to the rigors of competitive basketball.
  • Active volunteers will be necessary for each session in order to have the league function cohesively. The active volunteers will then be offered the following year to become coaches in the 4th grade travel program.

Travel Basketball Information (Grades 4-8)

  • Season has different starting times, depending on age and gender.
    • Girls Season starts in October and ends approx. mid-February (including playoffs, if teams qualify).
    • Boys Season starts in November and ends approx. mid-March (including playoffs, if teams qualify).
  • Travel games are usually no more than 20-30 mins away. There are occasions where teams travel further, based on the placement of ability.
  • Home games are usually played at Christ the King, as well as select Commack schools.
  • 4th & 5th grade teams play a 10-game season (can be more if they qualify for playoffs).
  • 6th-8th grade teams play a 12-game season (can be more if they qualify for playoffs).
  • Games are usually placed 1-2 times a week.
  • Practices are usually once a week for about 75 mins. If gym space permits, teams may on occasion be offered additional gym time prior to the start of the season.
  • Additional fee for a travel uniform.
  • Teams are determined by a board of evaluators.
  • Eligibility for CYO travel teams are determined and verified by CYO Nassau/Suffolk before an athlete is allowed to be on an official roster.  An athlete must fit one of the following criteria to participate in CTK's CYO:
    • Resides within CTK's parish boundaries.
    • Is a registered parishioner of CTK.
    • Attends CTK Children's Faith Formation.
    • Lives in an adjoining parish, but AFTER trying out for their resident parish team gets cut, and so is now eligible to tryout at CTK.
    • Lives in an adjoining parish, but their resident parish doesn't have a team for the athlete's age group.

High School Basketball Travel League (Boys, Grades 9-12)

  • There will be three seasons (Fall, Winter, Spring) available for Grades 9-10 (Tyro) and 10-11 (Senior)
  • Fall season begins in September and ends the 1st week of November.
  • Winter season begins in January and ends March 31.  Winter travel season is for players not participating in interscholastic basketball.
  • Spring season begins the first week of April and ends at the end of May.
  • CYO Nassau-Suffolk parish residency requirements (see travel league above) are in effect for the Winter Travel session.
  • Teams will be formed by the administration with competitive balance as the primary goal, and group workouts will be held prior to the season.

Volleyball (Grades 6-8, Girls Only)

  • Season begins in February.
  • Participants play in the CYO Nassau/Suffolk Travel Volleyball Program
  • All home games are played at CTK.